Fill your lungs with energy!

We must not underestimate the importance of breathing!

When we are stressed, we don’t breath properly. We then take rapid shallow breaths that are less energizing. Breathing that way makes you lose your power. Without oxygen, lactic acid accumulates in the muscles and causes muscle cramps. The efficiency of the muscle decrease and you will notice an increase in the recovery time needed.

It is important to synchronise your breath with your movements. This will allow you to generate maximum power.

Avoid to completely relax your abdominal muscles during inspiration or you will be vulnerable if your opponent hits you in the stomach.

Question: Why does a well trained athlete become breathless when he or she feels a loss of control in the fight or when he or she is mentally crushed?


There is a strong relationship between the mind state and breathing.


The mental state and breathing are closely related. A disturbed mind leads to an inefficient breathing. Conversely, controlling your breathing will successfully calm your mind.

One day, my yoga teacher told me:

« Enjoy the feeling of your breath. »



Breathing is a vital action that we tend to trivialize. We realize its importance when we see patients who have difficulty breathing. We should take the time to observe and feel our breathing, try to control it to bring calm and peace in our body and mind.

Learn how to breathe

For an effective breathing, you must use your diaphragm to fill your lungs to their maximum capacity.

Slow and deep breathing is more energizing.