Welcome on this website dedicated to competitive karate fighting. You will find various information about fighting theory. These pages are intended for both young athletes as well as more experienced athletes in combat. The content of this site may also be useful for coaches. On each page, you will have the opportunity to write your comments, ask questions and share your ideas.

And by the way English is definitely not my first language… 😉 So please forgive the mistakes…



In the following pages, you will find examples of frequently encountered problems by athletes in their learning process. Some solutions are suggested in the section Questions/Answers. Keep in mind that there is never only one answer to a problem in combat. Here are the ones I suggest and I have tried to put into practice during my years of competition.

This website attempts to put an emphasis on the mental development of the fighter. We invest a lot of time training on the physical and technical aspects of combat, however we tend to neglect the mental and strategic side which, in my opinion, is essential. To achieve constant performances, you need to make the right decisions at the right time and support your technical work by a good understanding of combat. This site attemps to provide elements of reflection on the mental and emotional side of fighting.

I would like to thank Mr. Germain Bisson who helped me, for several years, to understand the fighting theory. I would also like to thank my training partners who have made me live unforgettable moments and have helped me grow. A very special thank you to my parents, that I love, and without whom my life would not have been as rich.


My journey

My name is Btissama Essadiqi and I am passionate about martial arts. I have practiced karate for over 20 years and I’m a black belt 3rd Dan Chito-Ryu. I also practice Aikido since my retirement from karate competition.

At age 10, I started karate, an art that has shaped the person I have become today. At age 13, I started competing at the international level as a member of the Canadian national team. I competed for the national team for 14 years. 



To me, it was important to have a career after retiring from competition. I continued my studies in medicine and I am currently a cardiologist at the Sherbrooke University hospital.

Throughout my years of competition and rigorous training, the requirement of fighting and the many travels have allowed me to constantly push my limits.

Here are my results in national and international competitions. These performances are presented to give you an idea of my experience of competition.

Canadian National championships:  11 attendances

▪   21 gold medals

▪   7 silver medals

▪   6 bronze medals

Feminine athlete of the year: 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002

Panamerican championships:  7 attendances

▪   2 gold medals

▪   4 silver medals

▪   4 bronze medals

Panamerican games:  2 attendances

▪   1 silver medal (2003)

▪   1 bronze medal (1999)


International competitions:

▪   Paris Open (3 participations): 1 gold medal et 2 bronze medals

▪   Holland Open (2002): 1 silver medal

▪   Commonwealth Championship: 1 silver medal


World championships : 5 attendances from 1996 to 2004.

▪   5th place in individual kumite (Spain, 2002)

▪   5th place in team kumite (Munich, 2000)

▪   7th place in individual kumite (Munich, 2000)

« The path is overly broad. From ancient times to the present day, even the greatest sages fail to understand the whole truth. Explanations and teachings of the masters express only part of the whole. It is not possible for anyone to talk about such things in their entirety. It is only seeking light and heat, learning from the gods, and through the virtue of devoted practice of the Art of Peace, which have become one with the Divine. « 

Morihei Ueshiba